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Wayne Connell and Wife Sherri

Wayne Connell, the Invisible Disabilities® Association‘s President and CEO, founded IDA in 1996 out of the desire to educate friends and family about his wife, Sherri’s debilitating illness. Soon afterwards, people around the globe began sending emails sharing how IDA had changed their relationships with their loved ones. He is co-author of the book, “But You LOOK Good, How to Encourage and Understand People Living with Illness and Pain.” Wayne’s background fueled his passion for helping people living with illness, pain and disability. 

But You LOOK Good Book Invisible Disabilities

His experience includes that of a professional, multitasking husband caregiver with an extensive background in management, media and technology. This man on a mission quickly launched IDA into a world-wide outreach for millions living daily with invisible disabilities.

Wayne’s days are focused on managing the Telecom Infrastructure Team for Dish Network and Sling TV. He is also Founder and President of the DISH Disability Advocates Network, a DISH employee resource group. Wayne spends most of his evenings, weekends, vacations and holidays, volunteering for IDA as the President and CEO. He loves sharing and blogging about the great work of IDA and advocating on behalf of all people living daily with illness, pain and disability. Wayne has been given the opportunity to speak at many organizations and businesses over the years about invisible disabilities as well as share via local and national TV and radio.

Wayne and Sherri have been married since 1994. They do not have any children, because of Sherri’s illness, but they do have two very loving and entertaining pets, Java Latte and Toffee Mocha, who are Nigerian dwarf goats.